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Architect Stefano Austini office works mainly in the design field. Coming from long-term professional practice in a renowned architectural and yacht design firm, such as Luigi Sturchio, architect Stefano Austini provides a significant know-how in all the issues concerning the architectural and interior design.

Interior Design

The office develops also interior design projects, applying a total committment in order to reach high-quality results and to satisfy all clients demands.


Architectural Design

The architect and his team perform restoration and new construction projects,
 following each step from preliminary and executive design to site engineering and project managing. The mission of the office is the achievement of the best quality standards, through the cooperation with those companies in the field who share the same committment.


Yacht Design

This field is one of the landmark of the office. The main projects of architect Stefano Austini are published on the most important magazines.


arch. Stefano Austini - tel. +39 338/6982284
e-mail: info@studioarched.com